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Book, pay for, and track your deliveries in real-time. Ensure your items reach their destination safely and as quickly as possible.

How it works

Learn how our delivery services works for you


Book: Easily book your delivery on our website or download our app.


Collection: One of our local, fully vetted drivers collects your items, on the date and time selected by you.


Track: Track your delivery at all times - you can even message your driver from the app.


Delivery: Only once the driver has provided proof of delivery (end code) is payment taken.


Here's why choosing us is the best option.

Easy to use

Our mobile app is easy to use making booking fast and stress-free for our customers.


We continuously benchmark against the competition to ensure we’re the most competitive so you don’t have to.


You can rely on our trusted drivers for quick and efficient service across cities.


Our customers are diverse individuals and businesses who value efficient, reliable, and environmentally conscious delivery services. We cater to the needs of urban dwellers, small businesses, e-commerce platforms, and other organizations requiring last-mile logistics solutions.

Our Team

Ezysoko is led by a dynamic team of young professionals who bring a wealth of expertise in logistics, business, technology, and entrepreneurship. With a shared ambition to revolutionize the logistics industry, our team is driven by a strong focus on sustainable practices and innovation.

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